Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Trip to Calke Abbey

Easter Monday and a trip to Calke Abbey. Since my father-in-law's stroke the house itself is impossible for us to visit and so we make for the walled gardens. Noel gets a lift on what appears to be a converted golf buggy driven by a National Trust volunteer. We walk.

Spring has been cold and all growth is a good two weeks or so behind what we've come to expect. A few plants, gooseberry and red currants, are coming into leaf but most of the beds are freshly tilled and bare.

the auricula theatre
staged with pansies
dad's wheelchair

Little Onion


Sculpt Me said...

hidden waifs of new beginings,
dignity of a well lived time,
come together to celebrate easter.

Little Onion said...

thanks hm - that's an amazing hat


Natalia L. Rudychev said...

This haiku is so nicely complemented by the image. It evokes reflection. I love it.