Sunday, April 16, 2006

a single siskin
at the feeding station
blue violas

Little Onion


Alan Summers said...

Beautifully simple and symphonic haiku, a joy to read out loud.

Now being Easter I found you a good Christian company to buy a blue viola from!

Famous anonymous saying about siskins down the local:
"A siskin in the cistern is worth two at The Bush if they get the first round in."

The siskin, a small lively finch

blue violas

blue violas, the instruments

Little Onion said...

thank you alan for the comment and the links


Cocaine Jesus said...

you seem to have the inbuilt talent to write haiku's about EVERYTHING, truly amazing.

Little Onion said...

thanks cj - only things i connect with someway...

have you ever tried renga?