Saturday, December 20, 2014

'Claustrophobia' - Paul Conneally - limited edition print

'Self Portrait Great Malvern Priory Road North Car Park' 
Paul Conneally 2009

A new edition of 20 prints of this self portrait car park ticket by artist Paul Conneally from INVIGILATOR : MALVERN (2009) on used envelopes is now available.

Each numbered and signed print is on a different sized and type of used envelope and although an 'edition' each is essentially unique.

Price unframed including delivery is £15 - click below for PayPal

 Contact: Love and Barley at

Karl Brown - pro basketball player, coach and community champion

Karl Brown
Paul Conneally
Quorn 2014

"Karl Brown - pro basketball player, coach and community champion - also a former student of mine at Moat Community College in the early 80s - these days it's a pleasure to do work with and alongside him exploring the interface the liminalities between sport culture art spirit ..."

Paul Conneally December 2014

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Blue Moon

Parking the car just off King Richard's Road, my son and I walk the mile or so to Leicester City's King Power Stadium.

Today they play Manchester City, the current football champions of England.

It's a crisp December afternoon. The sun is out, the pavements are frosty, slippy in places, we expect to lose.

By Liberty Island, down by the canal, we stop and buy lamb burgers from the Barge Burger. Steam and smoke from the grill at the rear of the boat rising with the pre-match crowd's excited chatter as they walk on by towards the stadium over Walnut Bridge.

Just enough time for a bit of banter with the women who run this unique burger outlet.

As to the match, a good one even though we lost to the sky blue shirts of Manchester City by one goal to nil.

after the match
a pint of Tiger
to keep out the cold

Paul Conneally
13th December 2014