Friday, December 31, 2010

Thus Much Liberty

'Thus Much Liberty' is the second in the series of shamanic divination cards from 'Indifferent' by Paul Conneally. It Forms part of his wider piece for Snibston Transform - 'Spoil Heap Harvest'.

'Indifferent' combines presaged images of flowers, plants and animal faeces collected on a walk through Snibston Country Park, with lines from Francis Beumont who along with William Wordsworth was channeled by Conneally as he explored the Country Park which is on the site of the spoil heap from Snibston Colliery - now Snibston Discovery Museum or plain old Snibston. The images are divination tools. Just what can you see in the image and what does what you see tell you about yourself - past - present- future?

You are invited to tell what you can see in the image? What is it? Where is it?

Leave a comment below or send your responses to .

The cards with instructions will be produced as a set and will prove an invaluable divination tool for all who seek to discover more about themselves in this and other worlds.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Big Purple

The Big Purple - a fully working wind turbine public work of art - Snibston Country Park - Paul Conneally

The Big Purple

Builds on Snibston's long history of providing energy
Transforms the visual landscape
Celebrates the past workers of Snibston
Transforms energy makes money
Is illuminated at specific times
Is a powerful educational resource

The Big Purple is from Spoil Heap Harvest by Paul Conneally for Snibston TRANSFORM

Snibston C

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Circle Of Fire Twelve Tone Junicho Renga Ramble

Field recording of "A Circle of Fire" read on completion of the renga - the first ever renga ramble.

Renga Rambling - writing renga - a collaborative linked poem written by a group led by a master and host poet - whilst walking or drifting through a landscape - a process conceived by artists Anne-Marie Culhane and Paul Conneally 2007.

OFF THE SHELF / GROW SHEFFIELD RENGA RAMBLE A Circle of Fire A twelve tone Junicho Renga Ramble in the season of autumn From Weston Park Museum to and on Crookes Quarry Allotments, Sheffield, 13th October 2007. Below is the final text which differs slightly from the recording which was made in the raw directly on completion of the renga process in the allotment space.

this misty morning
a scattering of beech nuts
on the damp footpath

a circle of fire
choosing the middle way

comfort fusion cooking
Hing Wah's fish and chips
ready to rumble!

skips piled high with stuff
just ripe for recycling

beer tainted
under a winter moon
fag stubs erect

slow golfing
over house clad hills

I'm like a rubber ball
I keep bouncing
back to you

loving hands tend myrtle
olive, soft purple plums

cherry coke
in a greenhouse
an amazing view

the 21st century

Shakespeare's not here
but prunus is
I piss on the earth

dew on fresh grown grass
licks my steps

Nine Poets:

Paul Conneally (master poet) Anne-Marie Culhane (host poet) Felicity Stout Nadine Wills Joseph Conneally Vanessa Senger Jenny Laird Andrea Allsopp Su Walker

A Circle of Fire comes out of the first ever Renga Ramble - Sheffield 2007.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Post Punk Sampler - Julian Cope

The full track listing of Julian Cope's "POST PUNK SAMPLER" originally published on HEAD HERITAGE

All tracks are absolute must haves:

Metal Urbain "Paris Maquis" 7" Single (Rough Trade) 1977
Zounds "Can't Cheat Karma" 7" Single (Crass) 1980
Subway Sect "Ambition" 7" Single (Rough Trade) 1978
Richard Hell & The Void-Oids "Liars Beware" Blank Generation (Sire) 1977

The Germs "Forming" 7" Single (What? Records) 1977
39 Clocks "Aspetando Godo" 7" Single (Psychotic Promotions) 1982
Missing Presumed Dead "Family Tree" Say It With Flowers EP (Sequel) 1979
Manicured Noise "Faith" 7" Single (Pre-Records) 1980

Jane Aire & The Belvederes "Yankee Wheels" 7" Single (Stiff) 1979
Dance Party "Photograph" Demo Cassette 1980
Dum Dum Dum "Dum Dum Dum" 7" Single (Struck Dum) 1980
Crass "Mother Earth" Stations Of The Cross (Crass) 1980

Friction "Crazy Dream" Friction (Pass) 1979
Hair & Skin Trading Co "Monkies" Jo In Nine G Hell (Situation Two) 1992
Electric Eels "Accident" The Eyeball Of Hell (Scat) 1975
Chain Gang "Son Of Sam" 7" Single (Kapitalist) 1977
Swell Maps "Read About Seymour" 7" Single (Rather Ripped) 1977

Dalek I Love You "Trapped" Compass (Phonogram) 1980
The Colours Out Of Time "As If Another World"(Peel Session) 1981
Wild Swans "Now You're Perfect"(demo) Incandescent (Renascent) 1980

Armand Schaubroeck "Buried Alive" Ratfucker (Mirror) 1978
Psycho Surgeons "Horizontal Action" 7" Single (Wallaby Beat) 1978
DMZ "Bad Attitude" DMZ (Sire) 1978
ESG "UFO" 12" Single (Ninety-Nine Records) 1978

Compiled by Julian Cope
To read the full list with amusing Liner notes check out

"for a better world play golf on the moon"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

William Wordsworth Meets Dorothy From The Wizzard Of Oz Near Snibston

As Paul Conneally's Spoil Heap Harvest for Transform at Snibston continues he finds a connection between Dorothy in the Wizzard of Oz, the Church at Swannington, just down from Snibston, and William Wordsworth. Did Wordsworth have some mystical meeting with Dorothy that led him to choose the spot for the construction of Swannington Church? Click! Click! Click! and she's gone.

The series "ECCLESIASTICAL SONNETS" was inspired by the construction of the Church in Swannington at a spot chosen by Wordsworth himself:

"the intended Church which prompted these Sonnets was erected on Coleorton Moor towards the centre of a very populous parish between three and four miles from Ashby-de-la-Zouch, on the road to Loughborough, and has proved, I believe, a great benefit to the neighbourhood."

I SAW the figure of a lovely Maid
Seated alone beneath a darksome tree,
Whose fondly-overhanging canopy
Set off her brightness with a pleasing shade.
No Spirit was she; 'that' my heart betrayed,
For she was one I loved exceedingly;
But while I gazed in tender reverie
(Or was it sleep that with my Fancy played?)
The bright corporeal presence--form and face--
Remaining still distinct grew thin and rare,
Like sunny mist;--at length the golden hair,
Shape, limbs, and heavenly features, keeping pace
Each with the other in a lingering race
Of dissolution, melted into air.

William Wordsworth


"Shape, limbs, and heavenly features, keeping pace Each with the other in a lingering race Of dissolution, melted into air."

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Squirrel Incident

They Come

 they come
they come
the long
and the short
and the tall

they come
they come
in scarves
hats and shirts
hear them call

they come
they come
come hail
rain or shine
bless them all

Paul Conneally

for the fans of Leicester City but all fans too

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Spoil Heap Harvest "INDIFFERENT"

Spoil Heap Harvest

Paul Conneally:  "INDIFFERENT" from Spoil Heap Harvest

Digital Image and Print, November 2010

Three images from Indifferent arising out of a cultural forage by Paul Conneally across the spoil heap, now country park, of Snibston Colliery, Coalville, Leicestershire.

Indifferent sees images of squashed plant material and animal faeces rendered black and white acting as Rorschach tests - ink blot tests.

The work is mediated through the poetry of Francis Beaumont who along with William Wordsworth joined Conneally on his forage.

Spoil Heap Harvest is commissioned by Leicestershire Museums TRANSFORM, Snibston.

Conneally uses the presaged images in interventions with others:

What can they see in the images? What can you see? Can you draw it?

Send what you can see to Paul at

Or post a comment here using the form below.