Friday, June 30, 2006

Hidden Worlds

Here's the flyer for Hidden Worlds and that's Little Onion in amongst the poppies.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Where The Bee Sucks

made some pieces including this video

where the bee sucks
click above to view or download higher quality

ninety years
on from the somme
a bee leaving a poppy

the poppies are here and now
people and birdsong in the garden too
the song takes us somewhere else
time and place

joe scouting out birds for the birdbox

giving up some time
to engage with the garden
has proved really useful

someone's three year old collects pebbles

i have made two new poem forrms
one involving sliding tiles
like those little plastic games
you get in lucky bags

a woman tells me her shed is a camera

and one that i'm really excited about
using wordsearches to map individuals or groups
associations feelings memories
around places people objects
in this case allotments

the sound of rain on a sheet of metal

each wordsearch
is unique to that individual or group
that provides the words

tea made on a calor gaz stove

i've asked people and groups on the allotments to give me ten words

here is dave's:

dave's an allotment holder
tells me everyone else
on the allotments
is miserable

so did several others
once in their own space
for many that's heaven

i think they are probably
less miserable than dave says
and he says it with pride
in a broad d h lawrence
nottingham accent

paul conneally

Friday, June 23, 2006

'In Search of Oldton' Radio Play

BBC Radio 4 includes 'In Search of Oldton' radio play in major 'Memory' season

Just had this in from Tim Wright - I really enjoyed being part of this project and also contributing to the radio play - if you listen carefully you will hear me in the broadcast reading a 'memory'...

Dear All

I'm pleased to announce that the radio play 'In Search of Oldton', inspired by the web site In Search of Oldton
, has a confirmed broadcast date on Radio 4 of 2.15pm, Monday 24th July 2006.

It's being featured as part of a major BBC season abount memory - see
- and should also be available online for seven days after broadcast. I hope you enjoy it.

I continue to accept further contributions to the site, and packs of playing cards are still for sale!

Thanks to everyone who has supported this project.


Tim Wright .

Thursday, June 22, 2006

so many nights
spent praying to mary
a cherry stone

Little Onion

Haiga Online Issue 7

The new edition of Haiga Online is up - worth checking out as usual.

Haiga Online
haiga shown is from 'Stripped' a series of haiga by paul conneally

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

wisteria coils
all the way up the down pipe
a house mouse

Little Onion

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Three Estates Renga

This Saturday sees the first renga session of the Three Estates Renga - one hundred verses for three estates. The piece is conceived by artists Alec Finlay and Gavin Wade and forms part of Gavin's ongoing work 'Strategic Questions'.
Paul Conneally (Little Onion) will be Master Poet for the piece which will involve 6 renga sessions in the community with the community of the Kings Norton 'Three Estates'. The sessions will take place across the year across the seasons. The renga will create a word map of the estates and is in response to Buckminster Fuller's strategic question 'What is animate?'

Here's Gavin in the Three Estates Marquee which he set up and had a practice workshop in last Saturday - the day of England's first match in the 2006 World Cup Finals...

The first renga will be in The Fold, Pool Farm Estate, Kings Norton, Birmingham, UK, Saturday the 17th of June 2006.
an early morning
of back pain and vomit
white climbing roses

Little Onion

Monday, June 12, 2006

West Cornforth Primary School

dark morning sky a man is playing a flute

the haiku drainpipe

made by children of West Cornforth Primary School

with Little Onion May 2006

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The White Moon

Here are some poems from one of the sessions I ran at Elmfield Primary a couple of weeks ago. I did several sessons including, reception/yr1/yr2, year 3/4s and Yr5/6 - every child in the school!

Diifferent workshops for each group.

The Reception class made this during the day I was there after the workshop with me -haiku and origami jumping frogs:


Haiku Poems by children in Year 5/6 at Elmfield Primary School, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham.

This class had a story-telling session from Little Onion all about the Master Poet Basho and were also introduced by Little Onion to Ukiyo-e - Japanese woodblock prints before going on to write their own haiku in response to prints. The children learnt about the 5/7/5 syllable structure that haiku in Japanese follow and then went beyond this to study the western haiku form that very rarely follows such a pattern. It would be interesting to see what pictures other children or adults might make in response to these very imagistic poems.

at dawn
people are setting off
to another place

Sean O`Hare

a lady is reading
a letter from her boy friend
long twisted branches

Wenzday Chappell

heavy wind
people are struggling
to get home

Eden Newby

bare trees
walking from the shops
all the way home again

Adam Sheehan

three ladies
with no shoes
the blue night


distant mountains
as we row through the water
fish jump to meet us

Lauryn Bennett.

on the cliff
over the waters
distant trees

Jordan Hymers

water splashing
wave forming
in the river

Jake Ward

in the jungle,
animals are fighting,
cats killing

Bethany Jade Carlyle

everyone in the house
is looking around
I carry rich people.

Tiffany Young

fishers in canoes
a train passes by
puffing out smoke

Craig Burke

the white moon
in the blue sky
long trees

Courtney Cant Plaskett

candle light
I imagine skeletons
in the rain

Channon Nixon

the parade
fills me with joy
beautiful kimonos

Cameron Woodcock

the feel of fear
a man has just killed someone
with a sword

Callum Francis

people are walking
through the bitter snow
birds fly

Callum Robb

a train driving past
a big mountain
it is day time

Chloe Danielle Smith-Race


Saturday, June 03, 2006

This May a month of wet coldness. More so than I can ever remember. The tree peony's huge blooms dashed and brown. Meanwhile water authorities impose drought orders.



Friday, June 02, 2006

On The Road

Been out and about.

Workshops, readings, meeting up with other artists, poets and the like.

Here's a few from Kirk Merrington, County Durham, UK.

Eight and nine year olds:

sailing a ship
on the pacific ocean
hard work

Tabitha West

men working
in the street
red hot

the moon's out
mammy's buying something
at a stall