Thursday, June 21, 2007


photo by kevin ryan


beneath gloomy hills
homeward i walk
in solitude

sometimes we play
on the way home from school
on Wincobank Hill
breaking into gangs
to throw stones at each other

off Newman Road
in the half-built houses
it’s hide and seek
up and down ladders
scaffold pole javelins

a happy time
for me a time of rapture
clear and loud

paul conneally

Walk to Work - INVIGILATOR
paul conneally nikki pugh kevin ryan

Sunday, June 17, 2007


the elements
feeling and thought
pain and fear
the smell of piss
in the underpass

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Walk to Work INVIGILATOR undertook its 2nd invigilation this time in Derby UK.

Here is INVIGILATOR on the platform at Derby railway station starting his walk to work:

photo by kevin ryan

Invigilator follows the transposed directions LEFTS RIGHTS AND STRAIGHTS - distance doesn't matter - of artist Nikki Pugh's walk to work in Birmingham as a gallery invigilator at VIVID - when he reaches his work destination he will set up his chair tidy the area and invigilate it watch over it. He wonders where his walk will take him.


INVIGILATOR is an ongoing Walk to Work peice exploring ideas of work and place

conceived and performed by

Paul Conneally Nikki Pugh Kevin Ryan

Sunday, June 10, 2007


an ongoing collaborative piece coming out of the Walk to Work series by artists paul conneally kevin ryan and nikki pugh
the piece involves the transposing of artist nikki pugh's walk to work as an invigilator at the gallery space Vivid in Birmingham UK to other places - the actual work destination being arrived at by following the left rights and straights - distance doesn't matter - of nikki's Birmingham walk from different starting points different towns
the invigilator wears the red Vivid t-shirt that all invigilators at Vivid have to wear when on duty
on arriving at the work destination the area is tidied by the artist who then sits down and invigilates the space watches over the space
the first invigilation took place in the New Forest on the weekend of saturday the 10th of June 2007 with the next taking place somewhere in the UK East Midlands very soon.

UPDATE: The second Invigilation has now taken place INVIGILATOR:DERBY

Friday, June 08, 2007

CHONGQING - Walk to Work

Walk to Work
paul conneally & kevin ryan 2007

I asked artist Kevin Ryan to map out his normal route to work in Loughborough UK as a series of LEFTS RIGHTS and STRAIGHTS and to then transpose this journey to Chongqing in China where Kev was visiting on a British Council funded visit exploring the sharing of approaches to art and do some work where ever he ended up.

So one morning Kev set of to 'walk to work' in Chongqing on reaching his 'work destination' Kev went about photographing the area doing about 2 hours work. Click on the image below to take you to Chongqing 'Walk to Work' slide show:

This is the first piece coming out of 'Walk to Work' more pieces will follow as walks are gathered from around the world and transposed to different parts of the world. A major new 'Walk to Work' piece 'Invigilator' with artist Nikki Pugh is currently in process.