Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shopputting Reported at Culture 24

Artist places free clothes in shops as part of his "shopputting" project

By Graham Pembrey. | 27 November 2009
a label showing a women tied up in a pastiche of a pulp crime novel of the 1950s

Artist Paul Conneally has designed special labels for his shopputting anitcs. © the artist

Shoppers browsing the shelves in chain-stores across the Midlands have been getting more than they bargained for, as they discover items left by an artist who says he is “shopputting” – the opposite of shoplifting.

Loughborough-based Paul Conneally has been placing clothes, shoes and other goods with labels attached to them informing the customer that they aren’t for sale, but can simply be taken.

He has been stopped by security four times and police have been called twice during the latest stage of his project, which has taken him to Topshop stores across the region. But after explaining that it is not against the law to place goods in a shop without permission, the artist has been let off each time.

Writing on his Blog ( on the Artists Newsletter website, Conneally explained that shopputting is "another word for giving".

He also gave an example of a happy customer in Derby: "One teenager stopped as she took a pair of Shopputted labelled tracky bottoms out of the shop - she appeared to show the security man the label and he chatted on his radio and sent her on her way - both were laughing - that's good - hope they fit her."

Conneally's Topshop project will continue until the end of November 2009.

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