Monday, June 05, 2017

Fledgling Sparrows

Photograph of an Empty Bench Dronfield Woodhouse UK - street photography - Paul Conneally 2017

fledgling sparrows
on the last flight of the day
an empty bench

Paul Conneally
Dronfield Woodhouse
June 4th 2017

Saturday, June 03, 2017


Walking with no aim I come across a green bus shelter with the name of Peter Tosh graffitied on it. I'm immediately hearing The Wailers in my head and carry them with me for the next few hundred yards.

I've no idea if this scrawled 'Peter Tosh' was in homage to the great Peter Tosh or just some local youth inscribing himself into the very white very middle class seventies urban landscape at least until the next council paint over job but it raised the spirit of the the Bush Doctor in me and up the Gosforth Valley Road.

You can't blame the youth
You can't fool the youth
You can't blame the youth of today
You can't fool the youth

Paul Conneally

June 2nd 2017