Monday, May 06, 2019

‘SE T VP’ Involuntary Painting Birmingham UK

Involuntary painting found during artist Cathy Wade’s Paradise Remix walk through Birmingham city centre.

The walk started inside Vivid Projects. It explores “how the voice/body can articulate itself within digital/physical space. The route chosen considers how urban sites are navigated, their affect on day to day lived experience and the potential they hold for radical transformation.”

Read more about Paradise Remix here: Paradise Remix

Paul Conneally
May 5th 2019


Cathy Wade profile at BCU

Vivid Projects - Vivid Projects

Monday, April 22, 2019

That Summer - Ray Winstone 1979

Twiggy’s Bar
April 2019

John is the barman at Twiggy’s Bar in Torquay. Twiggy’s Bar was formerly The Pickwick which was the pub that featured in the 1979 movie That Summer which stars a very young Ray Winstone. Ray plays a young man just released from borstal who goes to Torquay to find a job and enter the long distance round the bay swimming race. He finds a job as bar and pot man in The Pickwick.

It’s a good film in its own way and has a really good soundtrack that is of it’s moment.

John wasn’t aware that he was now the equivalent of the young Ray Winstone as he didn’t realise that the pub had featured in the film. Many of the punters in the pub did know and some even remembered the film being made.

I’ve got into the habit of searching out films made in and around place that I’m visiting. I watch them before the trip. It’s good tracking down the places films were shot once we arrive.

You can watch the film here - not a great copy but watchable.

Here’s The Pickwick as it was:

And below as it is now, Twiggy’s Bar:

Friday, March 29, 2019

Served In A Mug - Gavin Wade and Paul Conneally 2019

you know my life
machines the arcades
oxeye daisies

tripping himself he falls
onto his broken hand

time passes
I carry on looking up
into the sky

Murdoch Priestly and Watt
coated in gilded bronze

I’ve got a feeling
we aren’t going to get
a fee for this job

she turns back smiling
and gives me a wave

it’s a funny thing
the half moon

scrolling Baburnama
she tells me with confidence
that tulips are from Turkey

a pint of bitter
in a straight glass

embedded assumptions
encoded in expecting
this seamless conformity

sunshine and showers
we’re going to take this
to the next level

Freya makes atmospheric
changes to the lighting

you’re a big man
in bad shape
behave yourself

quadrophonic sound
and feet on pink underlay

chilled to the bone
we make love
in our ankle socks

I take the call during
my keynote lecture

I miss you
I fancy you
I wish I was touching you

Tracey has a gin
served in a mug

I’d almost forgotten
what your eyes looked like
piss holes in the snow

plaster flowers captured
in bright sunlight
Gavin Wade and Paul Conneally
March 2019

‘Served In A Mug’ is a collaborative poem written originally as a series of tantwenga poems (tanrenga written via Twitter) presented here in a renga like format to be read aloud by two voices or in your head in two voices.

It ‘links and shifts’ to and from and includes direct quotes from the script of the British movie ‘Get Carter’ by Mike Hodges.

It is an intertextual intercranial collaborative poem rooted in the practice of renga poetry. The poem comes out of the ongoing Bred Pudding Collective’s work ‘Man From The North’ an original film script intended to move to film that in some ways mirrors ‘Get Carter’ in reverse written by the BPC’s Russ Ralph.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

'Frankie Was Shocked' - Paul Conneally 2019

‘Frankie Looked Shocked’
watercolor and sharpie on cardboard
Paul Conneally 2019
From the new and ongoing series of work 'Sun Says'
Contact: Love & Barley – for information, pricing and commissions

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Sockman’s Toe

There are no ‘keep off the statue’ notices on The Sockman in Loughborough town centre.
People rub his toe for good luck.

I don’t think it works but just like my mum I always do it.

Others sit their children on Sockman’s outstretched stockinged leg.

His other foot is bare. One sock on one sock off. The statue is by Shona Kinloch and when commissioned and unveiled the press printed comments from outraged councillors and a few members of the public. They were wrong in their protestations. People in general love him.

a toe in the hand
or coins in a fountain
good luck hunting

Paul Conneally
January 2019