Monday, January 28, 2013

Fennel Street Club - Loughborough

Fennel Street Club, Loughborough - Paul Conneally

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Transform Snibston William Wordsworth Trail Gets Ironed

As we move into 2013 start planning your day out on Paul Conneally's Transform Snibston William Wordsworth Trail.

Start at Snibston Discovery Museum where you can park up and finish there too with some refreshments from the museum cafe.

Or start from anywhere on the trail - your choice!

Inside 'The Blind Fiddler - Home Entertainment 1806 - 2012'


"A picture which perhaps illustrates the eclectic nature of Paul Conneally's exhibition 'The Blind Fiddler - Home Entertainment 1806 - 2012' at Snibston Discovery Museum 2012."

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sarah Hutchinson's Breast - Transform Snibston William Wordsworth Trail

Queen's Head Pub Thringstone - Transform Snibston William Wordsworth Trail - Paul Conneally 2011

On Saturday 27 December 1806 the great poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge writes in his notebook that he went from Coleorton, where he was staying with Wordsworth and his family, to the Queen's Head at 'Stringston'. 

Here, he believed, probably due to opium and brandy, that Wordsworth was in bed with his sister-in -law Sarah Hutchinson, who Coleridge had fallen in love with. Coleridge writes that it was here that he had a vision of Sarah's naked breast, a vision that he carried with him for many years, writing about it several times.

The pub was closed in 2008 and is now converted into residential housing. 

This picture shows it on the 27th April 2011 as conversion was taking place.

CHURCH TO BE ERECTED - Transform Snibston William Wordsworth Trail

The spot for Swannington Church was selected by the great English poet William Wordsworth who lived in the area at Coleorton 1806 - 1807 with his family at Coleorton Hall Farm as a guest of Sir George Beaumont. The spot was also the inspiration for his series of poems called The Ecclesiastical Sonnets.

This picture comes out of Paul Conneally's cultural forage 'Spoil Heap Harvest' for Transform Snibston, Snibston Discovery Museum.

It features on Conneally's 'Transform Snibston William Wordsworth Trail'

BE this the chosen site; the virgin sod,
Moistened from age to age by dewy eve,
Shall disappear, and grateful earth receive
The corner-stone from hands that build to God.
Yon reverend hawthorns, hardened to the rod
Of winter storms, yet budding cheerfully;
Those forest oaks of Druid memory,
Shall long survive, to shelter the Abode
Of genuine Faith. Where, haply, 'mid this band
Of daisies, shepherds sate of yore and wove 
May-garlands, there let the holy altar stand
For kneeling adoration;--while--above,
Broods, visibly portrayed, the mystic Dove,
That shall protect from blasphemy the Land.
William Wordsworth

Friday, January 25, 2013

'Spaces' - Paul Conneally 2012


'Spaces' - appropriated art - Paul Conneally - 2012 - Leicester

'The Fold' Wordsearch Landscape 100 Verses for 3 Estates

'The Fold' - Wordsearch Landscape 100 Verses for 3 Estates - Paul Conneally

One of a series of Wordsearch Landscapes proposed as public art out of the year long 100 Verses for 3 Estates piece for Birmingham City Council in the Kings Norton 3 Estates by Gavin Wade, Alec Finlay & Paul Conneally.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Winter Rose


a winter rose just as pink as the summer's Paul Conneally Sent from my iPhone

Monday, January 14, 2013

Fire Alarm

fire alarm
the temp unbuttons
her winter coat

Paul Conneally

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Winter Sun

a traffic warden
turns into my grandmother
the winter sun

Paul Conneally

Rusty Sculpture

public art 
quietly rusting away 
the car park

Forest Lodge Education Centre, New Parks, Leicester.

Mother of God Roman Catholic Church

Mother of God Roman Catholic Church  New Parks Leicester

Thursday, January 10, 2013


the winter flowering cherry
keeps me warm

Paul Conneally

Haiku - Sent from my iPhone

Rapture : Sheffield Place from Invigilator Derby



beneath gloomy hills
homeward I walk
in solitude

sometimes we play
on the way home from school
on Wincobank Hill
breaking into gangs
to throw stones at each other

off Newman Road
in the half-built houses
it’s hide and seek
up and down ladders
scaffold pole javelins

a happy time
for me a time of rapture
clear and loud

Paul Conneally

See and hear Paul read RAPTURE as part of his talk for Global Cities Week in Coventry : 

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

A bird singing at 1.30 am 8th January 2013

This bird is along with other thoughts keeping me awake.

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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Sockman and flowers - Loughborough Market

after New Year
a bowl of hyacinths
for the front parlour

Paul Conneally

Trapped - Loughborough Carillon Tower

A paper poppy trapped
in the Carillon Tower
notice board.

Paul Conneally
Boxing Day 2012

The Ice-cream Seller


the ice-cream seller
points out the way to me 
with an ice-cream

Paul Conneally

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Fruit Routes - Anne-Marie Culhane talks with Transition Towns Loughborough

Artist Anne-Marie Culhane talks with a member of Transition Towns Loughborough in the Landscaping & Gardening Our Society hut on Loughborough University campus.
Photo: Paul Conneally