Saturday, April 22, 2006

last home match
of the season
a mexican wave

Little Onion


Alan Summers said...

Snap, fellow football poet up for review!

I like a nice mexican wave with my warm beer and marmite soldiers.

I'll be at my poet's residence all day, this St. George's Day, in my lovely music coffee house.

I'll be doing a Poet Idol and playing the Simon Cowell role but without the millions in the bank vaults.

the taxi driver
who played on Bristol Downs
before it went league

The taxi driver was waxing lyrical about the old times of football on Bristol Downs.  

I believe it's also the oldest continuously playing non-league ground?  Gladly read if anyone knows differently. (-;

Bristol Downs Football League

Roger Stevens said...

Were you playing away from home for that last match then?

And who were you playing? Aztec United maybe?

Little Onion said...

Leicester v Plymouth Argyle at the Walkers Stadium (the stadium of crisps)

even the away fans joined in (well at least once)

Is it possible to still get Aztec Bars? Had nuts in them i seem to remember.....

1 nil to Leicester - :-)


sangeet said...

Loved this ku little onion!