Friday, September 30, 2011

Rush Hour

Rush Hour

Paul Conneally 2011


I want you to go out and walk. Do what it says on the sign. When you come to lights turn left and then first left. Share back what you found, pictures and words, just pictures or just words. Interpret lights however you want.
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Psychogeography Paul Conneally Splacist Art Loughborough

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fiirst Term

Fiirst Term by Paul Conneally
Fiirst Term, a photo by Paul Conneally on Flickr.

first term
her old shoes and an oak leaf
on the hall floor

Paul Conneally 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lifecycle - Geoff Broadway Artists Talk

Images from Geoff Broadway's artist talk at Leicester Phoenix 26th September 2011

First Term

first term
her old shoes and an oak leaf
on the hall floor

Paul Conneally 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ripples - Haiku and Haiga

Cotham School Bristol UK 


haiku and haiga

five women
only walk never rush
evening rain

loren lewis-cole

bright sky
the wind blowing dust
into my face

sally kite norman

limp hair
hangs past my cheeks
beating rain

zosia bredow

promises unkept
a little girl plays
in the garden


sunset sky
the trample of feet over bridge
over water

holly ford


in a barrel of water
morning light


frosted leaves
a man stoops
under the darkening sky

suzy robinson

tired men
the smell of food
drawing them in

matthew lodge

thunder rumbles
her long flowing robes

jessie wildgoose

the masters rage
drowning out the servants sorrow
strangling grip

sarah britton


a fat girl
sat on a fat cat
a blossomful tree

daniel warilow

drifting through the mist
cold sand

ed leeming

writing a letter
the mischievous cat
plays with her work

jack drowley

dreamy ocean
fishing boats swarm
against puffing clouds

orlando hill


breathless quiet
a long day finishes
on wide smooth roads

zoë glatt

the trees stay silent
in the late evening

huw thomas


evening light
the wind hollows through
the leaves of a tree

henry roger-jones



All these works were made during workshop with haiku poet and artist paul conneally as part of cotham schools excellence in cities gifted and talented programme. The workshops were organised by Head of Art Sue Watson the work in part examines the fragmentary nature of life - the whole being so much more than the parts.


During the day the students were introduced to the haiku of great Japanese haiku masters like Basho and Issa and some of the modern western haiku greats such as William J Higginson and marlene mountain.


The students also studied Japanese woodblock prints (ukiyo-e) and went on a ginko’ – a haiku walk to collect fragments in the form of both words and physical objects that they then used to make their haiga (pictures with haiku). These haiga existed physically for perhaps no more than twenty minutes but here they are in digital form for you to enjoy



cotham school website


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Coffee Milk And Cheese

coffee milk and cheese

a house sparrow

in aisle fifteen

Paul Conneally

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fruit Routes - Anne-Marie Culhane - Loughborough University Campus

Artist Anne-Marie Culhane develops Loughborough University into an edible campus.

Free events from noon till dusk October 10, 11 and 12, including on the 10th October an 'Artist Forager' walk and talk with Gillian Whitely, Paul Conneally, Bob Levene and Anne-Marie Culhane.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Wave Of Shopputting To Hit High Streets


The Loved Crazed Bombshell Explodes - Paul Conneally

Clothes Label from Bottoms For Topshop. In Bottoms For Topshop Conneally places secondhand clothes in Topshop and invites via the label shoppers to take them home for free. 'Shopputting'.

A new wave of shopputting will begin in October 2011. Watch out for free fantastic artworks and poems in a retail venue near you SOON!

Just grab them of the rack take them home and wear them!

What Culture 24 had to say about Shopputting:

Artist places free clothes in shops as part of his "shopputting" project

By Graham Pembrey. | 27 November 2009

a label showing a women tied up in a pastiche of a pulp crime novel of the 1950s

Artist Paul Conneally has designed special labels for his shopputting anitcs. © the artist

Shoppers browsing the shelves in chain-stores across the Midlands have been getting more than they bargained for, as they discover items left by an artist who says he is “shopputting” – the opposite of shoplifting.

Loughborough-based Paul Conneally has been placing clothes, shoes and other goods with labels attached to them informing the customer that they aren’t for sale, but can simply be taken.

He has been stopped by security four times and police have been called twice during the latest stage of his project, which has taken him to Topshop stores across the region. But after explaining that it is not against the law to place goods in a shop without permission, the artist has been let off each time.

Writing on his Blog ( on the Artists Newsletter website, Conneally explained that shopputting is "another word for giving".

He also gave an example of a happy customer in Derby: "One teenager stopped as she took a pair of Shopputted labelled tracky bottoms out of the shop - she appeared to show the security man the label and he chatted on his radio and sent her on her way - both were laughing - that's good - hope they fit her."

Conneally's Topshop project will continue until the end of November 2009.

Find more artist's blogs and information for artists on the an website.