Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Football Fans Inside The Black Horse Public House, Leicester, Boxing Day 2016

Leicester City football fans enjoy a pint and a chat in The Black Horse public house in Braunstone Gate before the match against Everton, Boxing Day 2016

Paul Conneally
December 26 2016

Sunday, December 18, 2016

CAGED - The Sound of New Parks - Bertie and Mandy - The Blue Army Craft Group - Live in The Library

Bertie and Mandy of The Blue Army Craft Group live in New Parks Library a session of CAGED - The Sound of New Parks with artist producer Sound scientists I-mitri CounterAction (Dimitris Moraitis) and Little Onion (Paul Conneally). 

The push pad is loaded with found sounds - treated and raw - recorded in and around New Parks Library in Leicester by The Blue Army Craft Group who carry on crocheting as The Sound experimentation improvisation and composition takes place. Each member of the crochet gang coming out in pairs to work with I-mitri as Little Onion chats with them about John Cage, Robert Rauschenberg, silence, noise and ghosts.

The work is ongoing and supported by Soft Touch Arts, Leicester City Council and Arts Council England.

The work will extend from the adult community into local schools, pre-schools and other community locations.

The work grows out of Involuntary Painting 1 & 2 New Parks : New York with New York based artist Millree Hughes and Leicester based artist Paul Conneally.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

ONE - from CAGED - The Sound Of New Parks

'One' - performed by the children and staff of New Parks Pre-School at the soon to be closed down New Parks Community Centre, Leicester.

'CAGED' is a series of found sound interventions, collections and revelations led by artist musician producers I-mitri CounterAction (Dimitris Moraitis) and Little Onion (Paul Conneally) with and for the people of New Parks, Leicester.

After sitting in circle and talking with the three and four year olds of New Parks Pre-School about John Cage, noise, sound, silence and slugs the group perform 'One' together - a minute of performed silence.

The council run Pre-School is under threat as it will close with the closing of the Community Centre as part of widespread cuts that Leicester City Council is having to make to meet budget requirements imposed by the government as part of its ongoing austerity measures. The Pre-School leader (who along with other staff is being made redundant) is seeking permission to take over the running of the building and to keep the pre-school running along with other community activities.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Sweet Garlic Mushrooms

Italian food Leicester - photograph by Paul Conneally

a room full of talk
and animated faces
sweet garlic mushrooms

Little Onion
OGGI Simply Italian