Saturday, November 14, 2009

LIAR - Look I Am Reading

LIAR Eccentric City May 2009

LIAR - silent reading as psychogeographic intervention
Paul Conneally
Avignon Festival and Birmingham Bullring 2008
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Bottoms for Topshop

The latest iteration of SHOPPUTTING 'Bottoms for Topshop' involves placing clothes made for the bottom half of the body in branches of Topshop. Conneally has been stopped by security 4 times in the first two days of this piece and the police were called to attend twice. On both occaisions officers released him without charge whilst explaining to shop security that to place goods in a shop without permission is not against the law.

Bottoms for Topshop continues throughout November in branches of Topshop across the Midlands.
SHOPPUTTING is an ongoing work that sees Paul Conneally placing clothes, shoes and other goods in shops. It is the opposite of shoplifting. The goods are not for sale but have a label informing shoppers that if they like this article they can simply take it. The labels have messages or slogans on them (Conneally calls these poems) often coupled with images.

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