Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Spring Fixture

spring fixture

a man with 'made in england'

across his forehead


Little Onion

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

No Fish But A Feather

spring tide
no fish but a feather
and a condom
Little Onion
This photograph was taken from the new footbridge across the River Tyne between Necastle and Gateshead. The building in the river is BALTIC.

Small Things

I realise that I've been shouting too much too often at the children mainly but sometimes my wife too and always about things that aren't really that important. Small things.
a flock of goldfinch
in amongst the gorse flowers
bed linen
Little Onion

Monday, February 20, 2006

Hankies, Bells and Big Sticks

Some do venture out on Christmas morning but it's with the coming of spring that they start to appear in town squares, pub gardens, on village greens and anywhere vaguely associated with folklore, celtic crosses, local landmarks.

I used to laugh at them, avoid them even, but not now, though I rarely search them out. Their hankies, bells and big sticks.

with new buds

and blooms

the morris men


Little Onion

On Waking

a night of clenched teeth and vivid dreams
even before dawn
the twitering of song birds
and her tangled hair
Little Onion

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Geese Watch

evening run
my stride lengthens
with the day
The days are getting longer as the Sun visibly does its thing with the Earth. What a relationship they have moving a little closer then away again and all life tuned in to their every movement. Birds the world over prepare to fly. Some North some South.

geese watch
our binoculars
search the sky
Paul Conneally


Well still some time until the local ponds and gardens become alive with frogs and toads.

The above haiku is Basho's famous 'Old Pond' stanza:

old pond
a frog leaps in
water's sound

I'm hoping that everyone takes Basho's lead and jumps right into the haikai pond and makes some waves some noise but not so much that the old world sounds, traditions and processes are drowned out or swamped rather built on, moved on from.

spring hike

we follow an old map

to new places


Little Onion


Skin After Skin

Little Onion - that's what I've become - peeling back one skin to reveal another.

Travelling the roads reading and writing what some call poems some small thoughts.

Wake this morning to freezing fog. Not such a good idea to unpeel to reveal much in this temperature.

Maybe later.

Little Onion