Sunday, April 22, 2007

Writing About Artefacts

Just watched the Teachers TV 'Writing About Artefacts' featuring ss Great Britain's new Education pack.

As Master Poet on this project I really enjoyed my original sessions working with Ashton Gate on the SS Great Britain and back at school to produce the materials for the SS Great Britain Creative Curator Pack.

Seeing Jackie (the teacher featured in the video) using the materials with such confidence and so well and the responses from the children in riddles, acrostics and tanka poems has really made my day.

The programme itself is well put together.

The pack's a real credit to the Education Team at ss Great Britain - this section just being one part of a large and rather wonderful pack covering many aspects of the national curriculum and more.

I'm looking forward to working with other museums and schools in exploring new ways of interpretation and interaction with artefacts through poetry and art including new approaches to labelling.