Sunday, April 09, 2006

Palm Sunday

palm sunday
a scattering of hailstones
in the wheelbarrow

Little Onion

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Little Onion said...

Comments brought over from UKKU SPRING HAIKU:

Eric said...
LO -- i can see and feel this.

3:23 PM

J. Andrew Lockhart said...
I don't know if you were trying to do this, but there was a wonderful foreshadowing with hail at Palm Sunday. well done!

8:26 PM

Little Onion said...
thanks eric and j. andrew - i'm glad you can feel it and yes jal - the hail on Palm Sunday - it does produce that foreshadowing - as to trying for this - i didn't have to - nature did it for me - i just made the observation and played with it for a while - around here some villages have a donkey walk the streets to church on Palm Sunday - often carying a child - followed by a small procession - this in the hail - heavy hail as it became at certain times of the day - is a more striking image perhaps than the wheelbarrow but the wheelbarrow with hail in its bottom on Palm Sunday just seemed right in its understatement its just being...