Monday, May 31, 2010

Organo Compost Centre No.1

Organo Compost Centre No.1
paul conneally
Organo Compost Centre
paul conneally 2010

Organo Compost Centre is an ecosplacist image made from a pencil rubbing taken at a SITA recycling plant at Lount, Leicestershire,UK.

Conneally visited the site on a coach trip with Amy Franceschini and Myriel Milicevic as part of their 'Beneath The Pavement A Garden' piece for Loughborough University RADAR.

They were told that as a security measure they could not take photographs at the site.

The site receives all the garden waste collected from the kerbside by Leicestershire County Council including Charnwood where Conneally lives and so he was effectively stopped from photographing his own garden waste as it was stored and transformed into 'Organo Compost' which is then sold on to farms and domestic gardeners.

Conneally decided instead to make a series of pencil rubbings of operational machinary on site not knowing if this broke the rule that 'no images are to be taken of the operational site' or not.

Leicestershir County Council state about operations on the site:

"The composting process is entirely natural. No chemicals are added at any time, and the process is similar, but on a much larger scale, to that of home compost heaps.When green waste is delivered from the Recycling and Household Waste Sites, it is checked, and any contaminants such as paper and plastic bags that have accidentally got into the container are removed. This is a labour intensive job, which is why it is important to ensure that only the correct materials are put into the container in the first place.

Machines are used to shred the green waste and it is then formed into large triangular shaped heaps, approximately 3 metres high, called windrows. The windrows are turned each week to keep them aerobic, this gives air to the microbes (friendly bugs) that break down the green waste.
After about 16 weeks the compost is ready. The compost is screened to remove any bits of material that are too big and the finished product is sold to a variety of customers."

A distubing element at the site is a machine that blows artificial 'cherry flavoured' odours out into the fresh Leicestershire air to mask the smell of the decomposing garden waste as it turns into compost. Organic?

"Pyschogeography is dead. The splacist revolution has begun"
Paul Conneally May 2010

Marx & Engels Meet Mother Goose

Macramé for Beginners
- Paul Conneally

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Neon Sign Paul Conneally 2010
appropriated art work and poem
permanent exhibition
Great Malvern

Monday, May 24, 2010

Teeing Off On The Moon

Teeing Off On The Moon
Originally uploaded by MykReeve

Originally uploaded by MykReeve

Moon Golfer Commander Tim Wright by his space craft.

Tim Wright's Urban Moon Golf Odyssey

Golf On The Moon / Gonzo Trail Number One Slide Show

As the PGA played out at Wentworth the real golf action took place across the streets of London as Play Golf On The Moon (with David Bowie)Commander Tim Wright led on by navigator Gonzo Geographer Loopzilla (Gordon Joly) played Golf on the Moon from Pudding Mill DLR to arnold Circus.

Gonzo Trail Number One provides the perfect Earth practice Golf On The Moon faiways, rough and green as Commander Tim Wright prepares for the time when he will leave Earth and fulfil his dream of playing golf on the moon with David Bowie.

Gonzo Trail Number One / Golf On The Moon Hole Two is the first truly splacist urban exploration of London.

Psychogeography is dead.

The Gonzo Splacist Revolution has begun.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Sound Of Moon Music

Commander Tim Wright today played golf on the moon from Pudding Mill DLR to Arnold Circus and here is the wonderful sound of that welcomed him to the moon hole at Arnold Circus.

Congratulations to Commander Tim and to Loopzilla who planned out the course and all who supported the valiant splaceman moon golfer along the way.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Towards A Splacist Manifesto On The Use Of PowerPoint Presentations

Paul Conneally spoke briefly with psychologist and one of the original developers of the psychic profiling of perpetrators of crime, David Canter, after his talk in the quad at RADAR Loughborough last year.

David's talk given in an outdoor space rather than in a lecture theatre or hall was illustrated not with a PowerPoint but by a live string quartet playing sections from a piece composed by David himself that brought a different dimension to his words.

This led Conneally to think a little and make moves towards a splacist manifesto on the use of PowerPoint slide shows:

We encourage all university lecturers, school teachers, business people and others to consign the PowerPoint presentation as most commonly currently used to the trash bin.

The only times these p(e)rveyors of usually seconhand thought should use PowerPoint presentations are when they use a previously unseen randomly downloaded PowerPoint slide show to illustrate whatever it is that they wish to pontificate on to their captive audience.

Students and other audience members should boo any speaker using a PowerPoint made by the speaker themselves or one that though not made by the speaker has been obviously rehearsed to by the speaker before hand.

The use of dance, music, boxing or any other performative act is actively encouraged in place of PowerPoint presentations.

Paul Conneally
May 2010

Don't Leave Space To The Professionals

Commander Tim Wright Golf on the Moon Tee, Arnold Circus, London

Join Gonzogeographer Gordon Joly (Loopzilla) and Commander Tim Wright on Sunday 23rd May to explore London by walking and playing golf on the moon Pudding Mill DLR to Arnold Circus.

Sunday's walk is now offically a Moongolf Practice Session. Tim Wright has been working on the putting green and the fairway, and it looks like being a fine day. Tim will also be documenting the day.


Tee off at 12 noon, Pudding Mill DLR Station, Sunday 23rd May.

P.S. Our mascot for the day will be the man in the orange
suit. Wenlock and Mandeville are busy elsewehere....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Invigilator Malvern - Nikki Pugh GPS Trace

Paul Conneally and Nikki Pugh's INVIGILATOR:MALVERN saw the two artists stand back to back outside Malvern Train Station and set off on the codified left, rights and straight ons common to all the INVIGILATOR series. This time they were accompanied by Nathaniel Pitt (walking with Conneally) and Jean Baynham (walking with Pugh).

Conneally and Pugh each held a GPS device that logged their positions relative to each other as they explored Malvern using the Invigilator walk to work instructions.

Back in her technosplacist lab Pugh used the cross-referenced points in time and space to map out a trace of the artists walks relative to each other across Malvern.

The resulting trace is produced as a limited edition print and here as a pdf.

Conneally & Pugh continue to explore space place and time through splacist interventions.

In May 2010 Conneally and Pugh rejected psychogeography as an irrelevant term in the 21st century to describe artistic spatial, temporal and psychological urban suburban rural and all points between exploration proposing a new splacist revolution.

"spaces transform us and in turn are transformed a process of exchange" Paul Conneally 2007

Gonzo Splacist Walk - London Sunday May 23rd 2010

The Strand Ley - A London Ley Line terminates at Arnold Circus site of Paul Conneally and Tim Wright's For A Better World Play Golf On The Moon golf tee.

This Sunday 23rd April Digital Guru Tim Wright will join Gonzogeographer Gordon Joly on a splacist exploration from Pudding Mill DLR Station (12 noon) to Arnold Circus. You could join them FREE.

Proposed Exploration:

  • Meet at Pudding Mill DLR station - 12 noon, Sunday May 23rd, 2010

  • The Olympic Park - The View Tube

  • Greenway

  • Hertford Union Canal

    • passing Victoria Park, where the walking events for the 2012 Games will take place.

  • Regent's Canal

  • Mile End Park

    • Ecology Pavilion

    • Art Pavilion (last day the current exhibition)

  • Meath Bridge - crossing the Regent's Canal

  • The Cranbook Estate

  • Bethnal Green - Weaver's Fields

  • Arnold Circus

After the walk, the brand new Shoreditch High Street Station is the closest station for departure home by train (Overground). Buses - various including 8 which goes to Liverpool Street.

The new Dalston Junction to West Croydon starts on Sunday 23rd May!!

On 23rd May, the Baishakhi Mela will be held in Brick Lane and Weaver's Fields. There will also be an event at the Bandstand in Arnold Circus.