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No Purpose No Design

Images from and of Paul Conneally as goes about his everyday splacist / psychogeography expolorations of the world with no purpose no design.



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LIAR - Look I Am Reading - Paul Conneally - Psychogeography Through Silent Reading

LIAR Eccentric City May 2009 LIAR - Look I Am Reading - Paul Conneally - Extract from Eccentric City May 2009

In LIAR Conneally explores cities through reading in public places.

Silent reading as psychogeographic intervention.

Originally performed in Avignon as part of the Avignon Festival 2008 Conneally has gone on to read silently in many other locations exploring the line between where it's acceptable to read silently in public and where its not. What are the messages given out when someone decides to read to themself in a paticular place - home tube cafe shopping mall busy street sat down stood uo top of a hill in a stream?

Friday, April 08, 2011

'So Many Stars' - A Starburst Hybrengay - Tanebata 2000


* read the rays from center outward; 'rays' may be also read separately below the starburst graphic

STARBURST HYBRENGAY Template and Instructions

Rengay is a themed, 6 stanza linked haiku invented by Garry Gay, the stanzas alternating 3-2-3-3-2-3 for 2 players and 3/2/3/2/3/2 for 3 players.

The "starburst" hybrengay (hybrid-rengay) invented by Debra Woolard Bender, is a new-form hybrid inspired by rengay. In this form, a central "nodal" hokku provides a general theme and acts as the 1st stanza for 5 or more linked haiku branches. Each team of 2 collaborates privately to follow a theme inspired by the nodal hokku.

Starburst Rays = 5 teams of 2 players each. (N = nodal hokku) N/3-B/2-A/3-B/3-A/2-B/3: all teams follow the same pattern, issuing from the nodal hokku which is selected by a chance drawing:

Each player submits a 3 line hokku to the "renga master". As hokku arrive, a number from 1-10 is assigned to each one by the renga master. When they have been received, the renga master asks a random participant to choose a number between 1-10. The hokku with the winning number will be the first stanza and inspiration for each hybrengay "ray". Each team works independently without seeing the rays of the other teams until the works are completed and submitted to the renga master for compilation and sharing. The rays may be arranged graphically as a visual starburst (see above).

6 or mor teams is a possibility, although it would be difficult to produce a computer graphic which could be viewed online, due to screen-space limitations.



Poetry © 2000 Hortensia Anderson, John Edmund Carley,
Sue Mill, Sue Torres, Paul Terence Conneally, Kevin Ryan,
Cindy Tebo, Marjorie Buettner, Izak Bouwer
& Debra Woolard Bende

Team 1. Hortensia Anderson & John Edmund Carley:

dark night
so many stars
Orion is lost 1/st

the hunter found
east of Taurus 2/ha

a single photon
the distant synapse 3/jec

one moon
round and full
of craters 4/ha

ancient tracks
cross the mosaic floor 5/jec

pieces of jigsaw
finally assembled -
the constellations 6/ha


Team 2. Sue Torres & Sue Mill

dark night
so many stars
Orion is lost 1/st

tracking Voyager
past the outer planets sm/2

late August
meteors speed
beyond the horizon st/3

supine on the lawn-
motionless in the heavens
Halley's Comet sm/4

across the sky
the lights of the Milky Way st/5

among the water lilies
the moon's reflection sm/6


Team 3. Paul Conneally & Kevin Ryan

dark night
so many stars
Orion is lost st/1

a great bear
points the way home pc/2

at the sky's zenith
the single northern light
signals a return kr/3

in the space-lab
communication fails
Venus brightens pc/4

a look of love and hope
passes between husband and wife kr/5

her midwife
puts down the forceps
a twinkle in dad's eye pc/6


Team 4. Cindy Tebo & Marjorie Buettner

dark night
so many stars
Orion is lost 1/st

sailor's guide
the southern cross 2/ct

sonar scans
we listen to whales
make love 3/mb

scrimshaw artist
engraves the ivory
with a creased hand 4/ct

intricately curved seashells
carrying the rise of waves 5/mb

underwater maze
the small fish dart
into the coral reef 6/ct


Team 5. Izak Bouwer & Debra Woolard Bender

dark night
so many stars
Orion is lost 1/st

two lovers doomed to wonder
when will they see each other? 2/ib

boatman approaches
the river of heaven
oh weather, be clear 3/db

magpies rising
make a bridge
for her to cross 4/ib

clouds weave through silk trees
in his sleepless dream 5/db

tied to bamboo
poems written in dew
at Tanabata 6/ib

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Rainfall - 7HQ - Groovefinder Full Mix Plus Iguana Brothers Original Version

1_-_7hq_-_The_Rainfall_(Groovefinder_Ful.mp3 Listen on Posterous

Rainfall - 7HQ - Groovefinder Full Mix

When Paul Conneally and Richard Sampson first wrote and recorded 'Rainfall' as 'Talking Bout The Sunshine' with Iguana Brothers in around 1988 it was sax driven piece with echos of the Sweeny theme tune somehow running through it. It resurfaces some years later as 'Rainfall' by 7HQ on the SuSu label. It came only as a 12" disc with three house driven mixes still featuuring the sublime vocals of Richard Sampson. This is the full Groovefinder mix.

Below is the original Iguana Brothers rough mix recording from 1988 followed by a video of The Sweeney titles and theme tune.

Talkin_Bout_the_Sunshine.mp3 Listen on Posterous

Talking Bout The Sunshine - Iguana Brothers 1988 - Music and Lyrics Paul Conneally & Richard Sampson

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Wintergreen and Aftershave

down by the tunnel
a collection of children
are trying to attract
the attention of players
as they emerge for
the pre-match warm up

wintergreen and aftershave
through a small boy's hair

Paul Conneally

Haiku by Paul Conneally With French Translation by Serge Tome

The following haiku were originally published in Temps Libres - the dual language haiku journal edited by Serge Tome:

the homeless girl pulls
her baby closer

la fille sans-abri serre
son enfant plus fort

cco 2006-09-1

tube ride
someone else's iPod
is playing our tune 
dans le metro
l'iPod de quelqu'un d'autre
joue notre chanson
cco 2005-06-1

too hot to sleep
i search for my son's footprint
in the front drive

trop chaud pour dormir
je cherche la trace de mon fils
sur l'allée devant la maison

cco 2004-08-1
working late
the sound of a small brown moth
in the lampshade 
travaillant tard
le son d'un petit papillon brun
contre l'abat-jour
cco 2004-07-1
hedgerow birds
three boys share a spliff
by the school gate

oiseaux de haie
trois gamins partagent un pétard
près de la porte de l'école

cco 2004-02-2
rumors of war ... / bruits de guerre...

sunshine and snow
the boys in the reserves
watch the letterbox

soleil et neige
les réservistes
guettent la boite aux lettres
cco 2003-01-1
needle exchange
sharing a breakfast drink
in Museum Square

cco 2002-05-2
three small boys track down

fleurs d'aubépine
trois gamins traquent
des terroristes
cco 2002-05-1

boy's bedroom
a blackbird's nest
found deep in the lilac

chambre de garçon
un nid de merle
trouvé au fond du lilas

cco 2002-05-1

teeth in a glass
the nurse takes away his pot
of blue hyacinths

les dents dans un verre
l'infirmière retire son vase
de jacinthes bleues
cco 2002-03-2
chilled by spring winds
schoolgirls sniffing body spray
behind the gym

dans le froid des vents de printemps
des gamines sniffent des déodorants
derrière le gymnase

cco 2002-03-1

a lost child
in a ward of iron lungs
her daffodils

une enfant perdue
dans la salle des poumons d'acier
ses jonquilles
cco 2002-02-1
almost home
the full moon between
two houses

bientôt la maison
la pleine lune entre
deux maisons

cco 2001-10-1

chilly tea-time --
finding new cyclamen leaves
in an old plant-pot

froide, l'heure du thé --
je trouve des nouvelles
feuilles au cyclamen
dans un vieux po
cco 2001-09-1
afternoon tea --
the old climbing rose
somehow whiter

thé l'après-midi --
le vieux rosier grimpant
un peu plus blanc

cco 2001-07-1
pious women still weeping
for Jesus 

des femmes pieuses pleurant encore
cco 2001-04-1
winter wonderland
even the burnt out car
looks beautiful

féérie de l'hiver
même la voiture incendiée
semble belle

cco 2001-01-1
almost Christmas ~
thinking how best to reveal
that dad beats mum

bientôt Noël ~
penser comment révèler au mieux
que papa bat maman
cco 2000-11-2
circle time
she describes her mother
finding a vein

le cycle du temps
elle écrit sa mère
cherchant une veine

cco 2000-10-1

All haiku by Paul Conneally
French translations by Serge Tome

Friday, April 01, 2011

Three Jars Of Coal Dust Jelly - Transform Snibston 2011

Three Jars Of Coal Dust Jelly - Paul Conneally 2011
'Three Jars Of Coal Dust Jelly' comes from the Snibston Preserves section of Paul Conneally's cultural forage 'Spoil Heap Harvest' for Transform.Snibston
The work will feature in the Transform Snibston exhibition illumination at Snibston in May 2011 alongside work from Geoff Broadway, Brendan Jackson, and Jo Dacomb. Snibston Transform is curated and nutrured by Maurice Maguire for Leicestershire Museums.