Sunday, October 10, 2010



paul conneally 2003

excerpts from

an exhibition of digital haiga and chemically coded prints

arising from the 4 Stations - 24 Hour Renga at BALTIC UK

After taking part in the 24 hour renga 4 stations performance piece at BALTIC the artist felt elated and laid bare by the experience.

He took off all his clothes and made digital images of them recording them as evidence in much the same way police collect

photographic evidence of victim and accused persons' clothes in criminal cases such as murder and sexual crimes.

These images are then combined with stanzas written during the 24 hour renga

some that made it into the final renga others that were not but all made as part of the process.

Each stanza offered and read out in the renga process might be a kind of shedding

brought on by the link and shift to previous stanzas in the ongoing process of writing the renga.

In the juxtaposition of shed words/shed clothes we find new connections in the surprising comparisons set up between image and text.



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