Monday, October 04, 2010

Three Feet Connected

"Two human feet found about 20 miles apart on the banks of a river in Cleethorpes have been identified and one has been linked to a third foot found in Holland, police have said." - Ilkeston Advertiser

When I first read, this all my suspicions about the Lincolnshire population out of stories around how clubbed feet and the like were common due to the intense closeness of family relationships through intermarriage, seemed to be coming true.

Could it be that some hit man has killed a three footed Lincolnshire yellow belly and disposed of its severed feet in locations around Lincolnshire and the Netherlands?

Never mind the search for Yeti and Bigfoot it's the Lincolnshire Three Foot that we should be out finding money for to fund scientific explorations of the fens in an attempt to perhaps capture one of the fifteen toed beasts.

Two feet found twenty miles apart and a third related foot found in that other low country Holland or as perhaps more appropriately called, The Netherlands.

Clearly three feet belonging perhaps to the same person is unusual but Lincolnshire Police are investigating a fourth foot, this time found in the River Humber "not far from the Humber Bridge" but say that this fourth foot is "unconnected" to the other three. Well it was certainly not connected to anything much else either being found as it was in a brown boot near Barton-on-Humber minus its owner.

Lincolnshire, the land of severed feet, one wonders how many more feet, booted or not might turn up on Cleethorpes beach or in the dykes and ditches that criss cross this low flat land.

The Ilkeston Advertiser tells us that no inquest has been called as:

"the finding of a foot is not enough to prove there has been a death"

Others might think it's to stop the existence of the Lincolnshire Three Foot being once and for all proved true.

Michaelmas daisies

washing out with the tide

my daughter's footprint

Paul Conneally

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