Monday, March 08, 2010

Lily Allen Breaks Down In Tears At Violence and Retires From Music

LILY ALLEN broke down in tears during her O2 gig when she saw two middle aged men fighting in the audience.

The star left the stage only returning after the two men had been thrown out saying: "That's the worst sort of violence. It's fucking sick and you lot should be ashamed of yourself."

Laying her political cards on the line Lily dedicated her song 'Fuck You' to Tory leader DAVID CAMERON. Cameron said last week that he has banned his daughter from listening to Lily's music as it contained words unsuitable for young people.

The gig, which also featured DIZEE RASCAL, was meant to be her last ever gig. The Fear star Allen announced that she was giving up pop to become a vintage clothes shop owner. It seems however that she can't bear the thought of giving up music at the moment and immeadiatly after the show announced plans to support US rap star Jay-Z in Hyde Park in July. She later Tweeted that the July show wil definately be her last ever performance as 'Lily Allen'.

Lily is still opening her clothes chop which will be called Lucy In Disguise at the Vintage. She will launch the venture at the Goodwood Festival in August.

Dizzee Rascal who supported Lily at the O2 announced last week that he is to write a book - his autobiography. It will be published in October. Dizzee Rascal Writes Book

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