Sunday, March 07, 2010

Botox Barbie - Woman Who Injected Child With Botox Runs Sex Parties

A woman who bragged to the press about how she injected her 15-year old daughter with botox admits that she is an international sex party organiser.

The Daily Star reports that
'Human Barbie' Sarah Burge calls herself Madame Pink and charges £500 an hour to 'be whatever you want me to be'

Madame Pink claims to organise glamorous parties where guests, says Burge, are "Young, beautiful hipsters. Rich. Cool. The kind of people everyone wants to have sex with.”.

The truth is that Burge and her ilk are old fashioned Madames who exploit sad and lonely clients by promising them sexual happiness whilst taking their money from them. That's fine but somehow Skin After Skin feels unhappy that on the make Burge is called the Human Barbie. Barbie was made for finer things than sleazy sex parties for losers in Phuket.

Barbie has always and will always be a Park Lane girl with a degree in art from Goldsmith's tucked neatly in the pocket of her silk knickers.

As for Sindy she's a political activist living in Croydon teaching teenagers how to use The Web as weapon.

Burge could take a leaf out of old Madame Cyn's book, buy a semi in suburbia, accept luncheon vouchers and earn enough money to put her daughter through University.

Tuppaware parties I'm sure would be even more fun and help us on the road to economic recovery and cut the chance of contracting venereal disease of the moment Chlamydia at the same time.

Does anyone still get the Betaware man calling round? And no it's not a gambling addiction charity.

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