Saturday, March 06, 2010

Dizzee Rascal Writes Book

That funster funkster rap star London's own Dizzee Rascal is to write his autobiography and promises to give a real insight into his upbringing and the world of London's UK Rap, Grime and Garage scenes.

The book will be a co-production between Dizzee's Dirtee Stank label and publishers Canongate.

The book is provisionally titled The Dizzee Rascal Story - come on Dizzee you can do better than that!

It will be out in hardback in October.


Dizzee (real name Dylan Mills) was brought up in Bow, East London, where he was born in 1985 making him 24 by my reckoning.

Yes! Dizzee is still only 24 but seems to have been around forever. He was 17 when he won the Mercury Music Prize with his first album Boy in Da Corner.

Skin After Skin has a feeling he'll be around a long time more so maybe he'll come up with a better title for the 2nd installment of his life story out in maybe five or so more years time.

Go for it Dizzee!

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