Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Where The Bee Sucks

made some pieces including this video

where the bee sucks
click above to view or download higher quality

ninety years
on from the somme
a bee leaving a poppy

the poppies are here and now
people and birdsong in the garden too
the song takes us somewhere else
time and place

joe scouting out birds for the birdbox

giving up some time
to engage with the garden
has proved really useful

someone's three year old collects pebbles

i have made two new poem forrms
one involving sliding tiles
like those little plastic games
you get in lucky bags

a woman tells me her shed is a camera

and one that i'm really excited about
using wordsearches to map individuals or groups
associations feelings memories
around places people objects
in this case allotments

the sound of rain on a sheet of metal

each wordsearch
is unique to that individual or group
that provides the words

tea made on a calor gaz stove

i've asked people and groups on the allotments to give me ten words

here is dave's:

dave's an allotment holder
tells me everyone else
on the allotments
is miserable

so did several others
once in their own space
for many that's heaven

i think they are probably
less miserable than dave says
and he says it with pride
in a broad d h lawrence
nottingham accent

paul conneally

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