Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Under The Wave

Under The Wave is a sculptural piece piece originally proposed for making and installation in the Irish seaside town of Bundoran. The work proposed is participatory in its making, the artist working with the area's master-craftemen surfboard shapers and the community to create three surfboards featuring haiku written in workshop by members of the local community - surfers, grandmothers, holidaymakers, housewives, priests, schoolchildren...

The piece involves a documented (filmed etc.) riding of the boards by local surfers at a community event before they are finally wall mounted - their final resting place - although there would be nothing to stop the boards being taken down and ridden again at some point in the future.

Although originally proposed for Bundoran (in the end not commisioned) the piece or a similar piece could be undertaken anywhere where a local community is connected with surfing. It aims to celebrate and explore not only the surfing and the connections across the wider community but also raise attention to the craft skills, the artistry of the surfboard shapers - often missed whilst local painters and potters become clebrated as THE local craftspeople, local artists, their wares littering gallery sections of souvenir shops.

mice made
of foreign shells
Greetings from St.Ives
Little Onion

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