Tuesday, March 21, 2006

March Hares

march hares
our football gets stuck
in a gorse bush

Little Onion


Mandy said...


how I remember the children kicking balls about on the common

Little Onion said...

and in 17 syllables exactly mandy :-)

when i was young the park was always full of boys having an impromptu kick around - this still happens but i'm not sure in as big a number - these could be huge affairs - 30 plus on the pitch sometimes and such a mixture of ages - young boys to men - on holiday recently in Europe I watched my 10 year old play in such a match - unwritten socialogical rules were obviously in play beyond the rules of soccer - they had to be when eighteen year olds were playing alongside six year olds - just as exciting for me to watch as a premier league match say Chelsea v Liverpool and not just for the football - gorse bushes are one thing - main roads and the undersides of parked cars another

Thank you for dropping by Mandy.

Little Onion