Saturday, March 25, 2006

Shower After Shower

shower after shower
a crow with a large stick
crosses the rainbow

Little Onion


Borut said...

This one is just great... Crows in rainbows...

polona said...

i keep seeing crows with sticks but no rainbows as yet this spring...

a big stick
the crow takes a rest
halfway to its nest

Little Onion said...

Thank you Borut and Polona.

The rainbow was very early in the morning and we had another one today. With its sunshine and showers April will bring us more.

I enjoy the crows, the rooks, the jackdaws and magpies especially at this time of the year. I have afeeling that they know much more than we could ever imagine.

Little Onion

Anonymous said...

That image made me laugh aloud.:) And oh yeah, the 'ku is good too.:)

Borut said...

I sometimes use crows as omens. Learnt that from reading about the native peoples of America.

Alan Summers said...

I really like this!

A good original crow haiku with a little bit of magic too.

mist haze -
a crow cleans its beak
on a rooftop aerial

ardi k said...

I love this one. And crows, dancing in treetops.