Friday, October 30, 2015

RE-TALE: October Rain

Around the outside of Leicester City's King Power Stadium are a number of fast food wagons.

They almost all serve exactly the same range of products, essentially burgers and hot dogs.

Many believe that the food on sale outside the ground from these wagons is superior to that inside and so they do a brisk trade.

Today I'm a little later to the ground than normal and all the 'Handmade Beefburgers' van can lure me in to do is take a photograph.

For the record, Leicester City beat Crystal Palace one nil and I had a Pukka Pie inside the ground.

October rain
a pied wagtail dips
along the touchline

Paul Conneally
October 24 2015

from Paul Conneally's ongoing series of works RE-TALE 

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