Friday, October 30, 2015

Cheeky Letters and Dream Lists - Pete Mosley at Cake Loughborough

How to make extraordinary things happen

Pete Mosley's working life has brought him into contact with hundreds of entrepreneurs. He has noticed recognisable patterns in the behaviour of those who have become successful on their own terms.

Most are not held back by the quality of their ideas - but by the way their courage and ambition is impeded by their thinking.

In his talk 'Cheeky Letters and Dream Lists' at Cake Meetup, Loughborough, Pete explored and shared the things that motivate us and the things that hold us back, offering both insights and explanations.

A really engaging talk that left members of the large and enthusiastic audience of creatives with a few simple strategies that they can use to successfully overcome or work around these blocks and make significant things happen in their lives and businesses.

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Cake is a bimonthly meet up for creatives, entrepreneurs and others held at Loc8Me, Ashby Square, Loughborough, with free beer, pizza & cake plus great talks & great networking opportunities, what more could you want?:

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Paul Conneally
October 29 2015

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