Monday, August 19, 2013

Hanging Around - L'Espace De L'Art Concret

'Hanging Around' 
Paul Conneally between readings at L'Espace De L'Art Concret - Mouans Sartoux 2013

Coneeally read in the centre grounds during the Yves Klein and super modernist architect Claude Parent show of 2013.

“Consider how boring it is within our homes. The kid stays in the assigned kid’s room while the grown-up sits on an inherited couch in another room. We’re completely overfurnished. What would it be like on the other hand, if space were understood more playfully, more free, if movement and being in a space also could mean climbing, reclining, sliding?”  - Claude Parent
CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE "Claude Parent the Super Modernist Architect"

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