Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Display Clearance

For many people Sunday is a trip to the DIY store or better still a garden centre.

Often the big DIY shops incorporate a garden centre, a cafe too serving up a version of Sunday lunch. It's almost a day out.

I'm not knocking it. I'd encourage everyone to give it a go as an entertainment if nothing else. Leave all your money, except what you might need for emergencies, at home.

Take a notebook and pencil, one big enough to make sketches and diagrams in too. You never know what you might find to tickle your interest, your fancy, your creative juices.

Try not to have a set plan of action but strive to not follow any directions indicated by instore signs. In Ikea for instance enter via the till section, the exit and track back into the shop from there. This is easily done, don't worry about being told off, you won't be, and if you are, well ignore them.

View the experience in the same way as visiting a gallery or museum.

Take photographs, make sketches, write poems.

If something really grabs you appropriate it as a new work. Give it a title, write it on a piece of paper and label the piece. This will hopefully encourage new interpretations by other visitors, shoppers, of what they are seeing.

Don't leave until you have created, revealed, at least one new work.

Enjoy yourself.

Paul Conneally
Loughborough 2013

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