Thursday, June 02, 2011

Ten Days of R&R in Japan

Haikumania War Crimes Project follows Ty Hadman from the Vietnam battle-zone to some leave in Japan with "Ten Days of R&R in Japan" presented in eight haiku. - Paul Conneally 

R&R: Rest & Recuperation during the Vietnam war.


En route to Japan;
for the first time in a year
I'm without my rifle

Tokaido Station:
just in time, I hop aboard
the bullet train

She knows no English,
I know no Japanese,
we share a pot of tea

One of about 20 girls who waited patiently for over 2 hours for me to finish my zazen meditation.

As I sit in a full-lotus,
a Japanese tourist
snaps a photograph!

Of me!

The Zen master's
steady drumbeat .... . .
thoughts diminish

Golden Pavilion:
an exchange of smiles takes place
on the quiet path

This is the same Zen temple as described in Yukio Mishima's world famous novel, The Temple of the Golden Pavillion.

New Year's Eve
Buddhist temple:
I spend the evening learning
a new way to pray

Arms filled with gifts:
I'm unable to wave goodbye
so I bow instead

All work is copyrighted by Ty Hadman and should not be reproduced without permission from the author.

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