Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LifeCycle - Geoff Broadway - Transform Snibston

Was a real pleasure and inspiration to work alongside Geoff Broadway for Transform Snibston. Here is Geoff's installation 'LifeCycle' and in his own words an explanation of the piece from Geoff's own website:

LifeCycle from Geoff Broadway on Vimeo.

"LifeCycle is a multi-screen audio-visual installation that explores the themes of change and transformation as they are understood and experienced by a range of people who live and work in the Coalville area. It was launched at the historic Century Theatre within Snibston Discovery Museum, Coalville, on 14th May, 2011. It was commissioned as part of the Transform project, a major arts program developed to transform how Snibston can be understood and interpreted.

LifeCycle reflects an ongoing interest in interpreting and re-articulating everyday life using film, audio and installation. This piece is based upon my journeys through Coalville, recording conversations with the wide range of people I met and capturing visual impressions of people and place. It is based upon notions of transformation and change - I asked the people I met to share with me their thoughts on the things and values we need to recognise; what we should treasure and preserve; what needs to come to an end and be let go of; what can we put at the heart of our culture and our communities.

 The video above is a screen-based version of the film used for the installation.

The installation consists of 5 back-projection screens, 5 data projectors, surround-sound system, and is controlled by 3 Mac-mini computers.

The LifeCycle commission was curated by Maurice Maguire and Carolyn Abel at part of the Transform project. Jointly commissioned artists were: Brendan Jackson, Paul Conneally, and Joanne Dacombe.

Thanks to Chris Plant AKA Colour Burst for his invaluable Quartz Programming for multi-computer syncing."

Geoff Broadway 2011

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