Friday, December 31, 2010

Thus Much Liberty

'Thus Much Liberty' is the second in the series of shamanic divination cards from 'Indifferent' by Paul Conneally. It Forms part of his wider piece for Snibston Transform - 'Spoil Heap Harvest'.

'Indifferent' combines presaged images of flowers, plants and animal faeces collected on a walk through Snibston Country Park, with lines from Francis Beumont who along with William Wordsworth was channeled by Conneally as he explored the Country Park which is on the site of the spoil heap from Snibston Colliery - now Snibston Discovery Museum or plain old Snibston. The images are divination tools. Just what can you see in the image and what does what you see tell you about yourself - past - present- future?

You are invited to tell what you can see in the image? What is it? Where is it?

Leave a comment below or send your responses to .

The cards with instructions will be produced as a set and will prove an invaluable divination tool for all who seek to discover more about themselves in this and other worlds.


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