Saturday, December 18, 2010

Post Punk Sampler - Julian Cope

The full track listing of Julian Cope's "POST PUNK SAMPLER" originally published on HEAD HERITAGE

All tracks are absolute must haves:

Metal Urbain "Paris Maquis" 7" Single (Rough Trade) 1977
Zounds "Can't Cheat Karma" 7" Single (Crass) 1980
Subway Sect "Ambition" 7" Single (Rough Trade) 1978
Richard Hell & The Void-Oids "Liars Beware" Blank Generation (Sire) 1977

The Germs "Forming" 7" Single (What? Records) 1977
39 Clocks "Aspetando Godo" 7" Single (Psychotic Promotions) 1982
Missing Presumed Dead "Family Tree" Say It With Flowers EP (Sequel) 1979
Manicured Noise "Faith" 7" Single (Pre-Records) 1980

Jane Aire & The Belvederes "Yankee Wheels" 7" Single (Stiff) 1979
Dance Party "Photograph" Demo Cassette 1980
Dum Dum Dum "Dum Dum Dum" 7" Single (Struck Dum) 1980
Crass "Mother Earth" Stations Of The Cross (Crass) 1980

Friction "Crazy Dream" Friction (Pass) 1979
Hair & Skin Trading Co "Monkies" Jo In Nine G Hell (Situation Two) 1992
Electric Eels "Accident" The Eyeball Of Hell (Scat) 1975
Chain Gang "Son Of Sam" 7" Single (Kapitalist) 1977
Swell Maps "Read About Seymour" 7" Single (Rather Ripped) 1977

Dalek I Love You "Trapped" Compass (Phonogram) 1980
The Colours Out Of Time "As If Another World"(Peel Session) 1981
Wild Swans "Now You're Perfect"(demo) Incandescent (Renascent) 1980

Armand Schaubroeck "Buried Alive" Ratfucker (Mirror) 1978
Psycho Surgeons "Horizontal Action" 7" Single (Wallaby Beat) 1978
DMZ "Bad Attitude" DMZ (Sire) 1978
ESG "UFO" 12" Single (Ninety-Nine Records) 1978

Compiled by Julian Cope
To read the full list with amusing Liner notes check out

"for a better world play golf on the moon"

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