Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SPECIAL! - Video Instalation City Of London Guildhall 2006

Special! - Video Instalation City of London Guildhall 2006

Video installation for City of London Festival 2006 by Paul Conneally (Little Onion) with pupils in Tower Hamlets, London UK.

The piece was originally installed on a loop in the City of London Guildhall.

The art of suprising comparison is explored with pupils placing haiku written in the built environment of school grounds next to special objects brought in from home.The psychogeographical element that runs through Conneally's work work is found in the encouragement to engage differently with familliar built suroundings in new ways.

A further element of detournement is found in the justoposition of the soundtrack from the Japanese monster film Mothra about a giant moth that protects two tiny princesses and the world from environmental catastrophe.

Soundtrack is Mothra's Song by The Peanuts.


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