Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Bus Stop (featuring Late Of The Pier)

Bus Stop - Paul Conneally 2008

While watching 'Late of The Pier' at FOPP, Nottingham, Paul Conneally turns his attention away from the band, which he can hear but not see too well, to the people he can see through the window from inside the gig at FOPP on Queen Street, boarding a bus.

The band are clearly audible on the street. The queue becomes interesting in juxtaposition to the music.

Most of the people do not seem to want to be seen to notice the very loud live music coming from the store as LOTP provide the soundtrack to their bus boarding at the end of a busy day at work.

Here the spectacle being provided specifically for entertainment is replaced by the spectacle of the street itself.

One woman in particular, as she struggles with her umbrella, captivates us.

The video was later installed in the actual window videoed from and played on a loop for 24 hours. The main audience was people waiting for the bus at the bus stop videoed and passers by.

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