Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Neon Sign Paul Conneally 2010
appropriated art work and poem
permanent exhibition
Great Malvern


Margaret said...

I live in Great Malvern, have done for nearly 30 years, I must have walked under this sign thousands of times and yet it is only now that Conneally has claimed it as a piece of his art, that I've really noticed it.

It really is in some ways a better piece of public art than the ststue of Elgar not far from 'Hairdressers'.

Conneally's 'Hairdressers' feels at first quite strange as one looks for the hairdressing shop but can't immeadiatly see it - just the red neon.

My husband thinks this artist has a cheek claiming the sign as his artwork but to me it makes perfect sense and has given me a new way of looking at that part of town.

Thanks for posting.


J Powell said...

For God's sake! It's a shop sign!

It's not a work of art!

Get real!


Karen Hyde said...

Paul - You're taking the piss, right? Is it meant to be HAIRDRESSERS (plural) or a shop where you go for a cut and blow as in HAIRDRESSER'S shop (apostrophe, surely?)
Incidentally, a beautician in Broomhill has just got a neon sign in red and blue. It says "Nail Art" and has a picture of a hand with long nails. I'll send you a photo if you like. Karen xxx

Little Onion said...

Thanks Karen - its HAIRDRESSERS in this piece - no apostrophe - yes send the photo!

Andy laffan said...

Hi Paul
Specifically based on your artwork, I now get my hair cut at this hairdressers. It's great.
During the general mundane conversations one has with the hairdresser I have resisted mentioning your artwork.
But I love the fact that they have no idea, apostrophe or not.

Little Onion said...

Hi Andy - If I had any hair I'd try them out for myself!

Nathaniel Pitt tells me it's for sale - do you know any more about this?