Monday, May 24, 2010

Golf On The Moon / Gonzo Trail Number One Slide Show

As the PGA played out at Wentworth the real golf action took place across the streets of London as Play Golf On The Moon (with David Bowie)Commander Tim Wright led on by navigator Gonzo Geographer Loopzilla (Gordon Joly) played Golf on the Moon from Pudding Mill DLR to arnold Circus.

Gonzo Trail Number One provides the perfect Earth practice Golf On The Moon faiways, rough and green as Commander Tim Wright prepares for the time when he will leave Earth and fulfil his dream of playing golf on the moon with David Bowie.

Gonzo Trail Number One / Golf On The Moon Hole Two is the first truly splacist urban exploration of London.

Psychogeography is dead.

The Gonzo Splacist Revolution has begun.

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