Tuesday, February 23, 2010

wow and flutter

we have some excellent big museums – even the old dinosaurs feel alive these days – new build refurb and touch at often huge cost to provide wow…

maybe the need for ‘wow’ is overstated or what we believe ‘wow’ might be/should be/is

that other ‘wow’ the one that’s not wham bam thank you ma’am but that ‘wow’ those ‘wows’ that come after engaging with something maybe something quite insignificant at first sight when after giving it some attention it begins to whisper to us and then ‘wow’ …

this kind of personal wow maybe stays with us longer than the the more manufactured universal wow perhaps even a lifetime

engagements that encourage new interpretations new thinking new learning rather than big bold brassy buildings and these engagements digital or not let them be from the heart to the heart as much as mind to mind

of course a role for museums as tourist attractions and maybe tourist attractions as museums…

pigeons work
from table to table
a catkin wind

response to Bridget Mckenzie out of her proposed presentation to the British Council in Moscow "The English Obsession wit the New"

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