Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bullying - a Growth Industry

Bullying is a growth industry.

It's always been around and was accepted as something that happened in playgrounds and schoolyards - a part of growing up.

Perhaps ten years ago things started to change.

Schools started to introduce anti-bullying policies and have embraced, with a little pushing from government, 'emotional health and wellbeing'.

The Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) are now well and truly built into the U K's primary school curriculum with secondary schools also implementing 'SEAL strategies'.

Countless consultancy companies have been set up to service the training needs of teachers and advisers as they strive to refine anti-bullying policies and charters.

Sub-genres emerge with courses on combating cyber, homophobic, girl-on-girl and racist bullying taking place all over the country.

Workplace bullying is now shaping up to be the next big money spinner for consultants on the back of the allegations that Prime Minister Gordon Brown is a bully - a workplace bully.

All over the country self-styled educational and management gurus are quickly amending their school anti-bullying training materials to address the not new but now out-there and in your face issue of how to tackle and eradicate the workplace bully.

Bullying is a spiteful and belittling activity that should not be tolerated at school, work or at home.

If the 'Gordon Brown's a Bully' furore opens up the workplace bullying issue to scrutiny then at least something good will come out of it.

Me? I'm sitting down to pen new materials for a workshop supporting small businesses develop Workplace Anti-Bullying Policies. I'd best be quick its a dog eat dog world!

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