Sunday, June 10, 2007


an ongoing collaborative piece coming out of the Walk to Work series by artists paul conneally kevin ryan and nikki pugh
the piece involves the transposing of artist nikki pugh's walk to work as an invigilator at the gallery space Vivid in Birmingham UK to other places - the actual work destination being arrived at by following the left rights and straights - distance doesn't matter - of nikki's Birmingham walk from different starting points different towns
the invigilator wears the red Vivid t-shirt that all invigilators at Vivid have to wear when on duty
on arriving at the work destination the area is tidied by the artist who then sits down and invigilates the space watches over the space
the first invigilation took place in the New Forest on the weekend of saturday the 10th of June 2007 with the next taking place somewhere in the UK East Midlands very soon.

UPDATE: The second Invigilation has now taken place INVIGILATOR:DERBY

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