Friday, May 05, 2006

To Mile End And A Bit Further

I'm preparing for workshops in London for the City of London Festival. Will be doing two days at a Primary School in Docklands - right next to the Thames. Really looking forward to it. Will also be meeting up with Tomomi Iguchi an artist who runs Crossovers UK - I really admire the work that she has brought together over the last few years exploring environmental issues via multidisciplinary art projects. Tomomi is based in Tower Hamlets but has ininitiated projects the world over especially linking Japan and UK artists. Her current project in preparation includes work in Mile End Park Art Pavillion and on the proposed London Olympic Development Site.

bags packed
a four-leafed clover
by the front door

Little Onion


Alan Summers said...

Keep us posted Little Onion, and look forward to report and images!

Going to two fab poetry events, quite quite different from each but equaly excited.

Tonight I'm to readings by two powerful poets:
Deryn Rees-Jones and Gabrielle Calvocoressi.

If there's anyone out and about in Bath, U.K. it's at
BRLSI, Queen Square, off Quiet Street

On Saturday I'm going to a ginko organised by Alison Williams in Southampton!
Alison Williams and her haiku soup

Cocaine Jesus said...

i always find that Mile End and all of the East End of London holds a certain romance for me. my grandparents and my parents and all my family, apart from me, was born there.

as for meeting up with Tomomi Iguchi, WOW!