Saturday, September 03, 2016

Yung - Commercial - Danish Punks Get High On TV Ads in New Video

The wallpaper like quality of TV Advertisements might make it feel that they don't really have any effect on us at all but the constant repetition of the same images and messages across our viewing time is insidious and hits deep in the psyche like it or not.

It's this that Yung explore in their new single and video 'Commercial'. The song is yes modern punk with a grunge underbelly to it that slips along nicely with a good bridge in the middle.

Here are some lyrics to whet your appetite and so that you can singalong with the boys:

"Their shifting sales turned me on
And a flood of beauty swept against my face
It was something new
Heck, I wasn’t used to you

They gave me hope – They gave me beauty
Eternal sunlight, but just for a while
My head was bigger than yours
Your smile was thinner than mine

I had both feet in"

Commercial is in fact itself very commercial in a Weezer kind of way and if it gets the airplay could do very well indeed. Just like Danish butter Yung love looks like it's ready to spread. Check out the album A Youthful Dream. 

Little Onion
September 3

Danish punk band Yung

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