Monday, March 07, 2016

Curating - Moving On Involuntary Painting 2 New Parks : New York

Above: New Walk Museum and Art Gallery staff hanging the Leicester 2016 Open Exhibition

Today the Moving On Involuntary Painting New Parks : New York group explored the art of curation and putting an exhibition on with a visit to Soft Touch Arts and New Walk Museum and Art Gallery in Leicester.

The group had illuminating talks from Vince Atwood and Lewis Buttery from Soft Touch Arts and Lisa Jaques at New Walk Museum and Art Gallery. Both venues had jointly hosted the Generation Art exhibition. Vince had been part of the selection panel for the national project and Lewis and Lisa had been part of the curation of it in Leicester. It had previously been hung at The Turner Gallery in Margate and Lewis along with some other young people decided how to hang the works in Leicester.


Above:Vince Atwood of Soft Touch Arts

Above:Lewis Buttery of Soft Touch Arts talks about curating the Generation Art Exhibition

Above: Lisa Jaques of New Walk Museum and Art Gallery talks about curation

The MOIP2NPNY group are thinking about curation as they intend to put an exhibition on as part of the current project which includes mapping and re-siting locations in New Parks from New York and vice versa mediated by involuntary paintings and psychogeography / splacist methodologies.

Paul Conneally and Millree Hughes
March 7 2016

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