Saturday, February 20, 2016

Onshore Sleet

Photo: Pie and Peas Stall - Great Yarmouth - Paul Conneally 2016

After walking for six or seven miles I find myself in Great Yarmouth's marketplace. I gravitate to a small stall manned by a smiling face. It's a pie and peas stall. Small meat pies and hot mushy peas are all that's on sale. Traditional food. I order a bowl of mushy peas,spoon some mint sauce in from the dish on the counter and tuck in. They are the best mushy peas I've ever tasted, just what I needed and I tell the stall holder so. He's pleased, tells me that his grandad opened the stall in 1946, his dad took over from him and now he's taken over from his dad. He's proud of his pies, his peas and the history of the stall and he should be.

onshore sleet
a homeless young man
stamping his feet

Little Onion
Great Yarmouth Market
February 2016

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