Monday, June 22, 2015

The Act of the Spartan Boy (excerpt) - Stuart Layton

The Act of the Spartan Boy (Exceprt) from Stuart Layton on Vimeo.

"The Act of the Spartan Boy is a new film by Stuart Layton (born in Walsall, lives in Malvern, UK). The title was found on the internet but is fitting as the film draws on Stuart’s memories of growing up in the Black Country. However, this is not a linear narrative. The film is constructed of both shot and found footage and both written and found texts.

The viewer cannot settle as scale and viewpoint continually alter and the screen size constantly changes. The sound incorporates both Stuart’s vocal contributions with what sounds like an absurd commentary by a TV or radio presenter.

As the film gathers intensity, a pulsating sound based on the Taos Hum ramps up the tension. (A strange humming was heard by inhabitants of Taos, New Mexico. Despite scientific interventions, there has never been a clear explanation for the humming, which has since been heard in other places, notably in Cradley Heath). Sometimes funny, sometimes touching, at others sinister,

Stuart offers a complex and layered exploration of time, memory and history where seemingly random recollections, both real and imagined, collide and conflict."

Text is from the web catalogue for the show Small Worlds (May to September 2015) at The New Art Gallery, Walsall, UK where the full version of The Act of the Spartan Boy film is featured

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