Tuesday, August 19, 2014

On Leaving Calais

'On Leaving Calais'

After a month in France we drive on to the P&O Ferry at Calais for the crossing to Dover.

A worker in a luminous jacket, hard hat and ear protectors, guides us to park just inches from the car in front and those on either side of us. Getting out is a contortionist's trick.

Up the stairs from car deck five and find somewhere to sit. It's about a ninety minute journey and the captain, via the muddy sound system, tells us that conditions in the English Channel are calm. My stomach smiles.

Yes it's calm but grey. This said the port of Calais, even in bright sunshine always feels a little grey, a little faded as does Dover where, with one blast on the ship's horn, we now set off for.

channel ferry
we capture four seats
and head for the bar

Paul Conneally
The English Channel


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