Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Debbie Miles-Williams - Archeological Illustrator

Debbie Miles-Williams - Archeological Illustrator

Debbie Miles-Williams is an artist based within Leicester University's School of Archeology and Ancient History. Debbie is an archeological illustrator. She also runs a first class education outreach programme that enthuses others about archeology and ancient history and builds important skills in the school's under and post-graduate students.

Many will be surprised that in the days of digital imagery archeological illustrators still exist but they are an important element of the discipline and can show via the hand so much more than a photograph.

I'm pleased to be working with Debbie in planning exciting outreach work with schools and colleges and in exploring and learning more about archeology and how the stories it unfolds have relevance for us and our lives right now in the twenty-first century.

Paul Conneally

Leicester, June, 2014

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